About Us


You can not get much better than a building with a prestigious address in Sarajevo, a unique view and great infrastructure.

Inspired by urban culture, we designed a unique building in Sarajevo central area. Mission accomplished, for modern and innovative companies, we have created 6300 m2 of space where they can grow and develop their business ideas. During the day, within companies here is created software for the international market, but 350 per square meter of the space on the roof, we set word standards of entertainment.


SUMMIT also has 64 modern parking spaces, all offices have a unique view of Sarajevo, and our staff will do their best to make your only concern be your business. It would be wrong to have a building just with business spaces without character and our trademark is our facade. You do not know what we’re talking about? It’s just enough to walk through Marijin dvor and you’ll know what we thought.